Friday, 23 December 2011

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

so i dont have to say you were the one that got away

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tour de Oud Batavia

Well, whassup peeps :D ? long time no see huh??
miss me 3x ??? hahahaha

last week on Friday I visited kota tua for video shooting :D

this is my 3rd times visiting kota tua, but this i explored it more details..

mostly we explore the beauty of old fashioned architecture
its really good..
feels like in Rotterdam, but the difference is... the building here is not quite well maintained so that we discover that several homeless ppl uses it as their home.. how tragic :S

if we look closely, Kota Tua has a potential to be one of Jakarta culture centre
many tourist adore the beauty of Kota Tua nowadays..
but how if we (the government) look after Kota Tua more i
ntensively, I guarantee their will be more tourist would come to visit..
okay enough bla bla bla bla.. :D
photos will be uploaded soon okok?? :P
regards from here :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Join us in youth camp with hundreds other young people where we could have fun, fellowship, and new friends
Mark your calender 17-19 June 2011

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[bukan].camp. Ga ada loe ga rame :D

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What The Hell

“…You’re on your knees Begging please Stay with me But honestly I just need to be a little crazy…”

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

rise up from death

wow!! its been years i've never update this blog :S

there's so many greetings have passed away

happy Indonesia independence day .. I LOVE YOU INDONESIA :D
Merry christmas everyone !~
wiii!!! congrats to our national soccer team RUNNER UP :D:D
happy new year 2011 wohooo !!! fireworks everywhere

Monday, 28 June 2010

Off to Bandung (Day 1)

Okay fellas.. the story begins now !

Last thursday I went to Bandung for by any chances get rest and eating :9 start dari Jakarta kamis. brngkat sekitar jam 9 baru bangun jam 8. and especially for me, SAYA BELUM PACKING SAMA SEKALI !! tapi ternyata packing barang cukup cepat just choose put then zip and go.

Breakfast ? only got fruit salad with yoghurt and for brunch I got 2 slice of wholewheat bread with chocolate sprinkle on it :D

then we started to hit the road.. but unfortunately we were stucked by the road repairing progress on the cikampek highway.

Ok, singkat cerita untuk hari itu mau lunch di Purwakarta.. small town near bandung (but seriously there's so many village surrounded the town) . My daddy has an ex-client called Mr. Agus (as far as I remembered, sorry :P). He owned a restaurant named Samara Pawon. itu makanan sunda dan located di pegunungan jadi kayak makan di tengah hutan..

At past and still pak agus kerjanya sebagai restaurant adviser ato conselour (ga inget bener). dari cerita yang gw denger dia dulu kerja di Dragon City Rest (dan makanannya enak, sejak ganti owner skrng namanya jadi teh wang) dan banyak kolega bisnis bukan cuma local tapi go international ... Such a great man, he knows anything about culinary both in oldish or the modern one. Futhermore he's also build his own resort and ballroom etc at Purwakarta. you guys should take a look the time when it is ready.

Lunch ? ya tentu aja makanan Sunda. sambelnya spicy gila.. pas awal masuk mulut ga kerasa pedes waktu da semenit gitu pedesnya GILAAA..!!! I'm sweating along the way I'm eating. :D huahahaha wat a big blast..

well im done eating. Abis itu uda de orang'' pada ngobrol'' makanan di bandung.
then we decided that we will visit old fashioned food at bandung.. :D
btw there's a monkey at the corner of the parking area

Next destination was Bandung. ! .
finally we would reach bandung for sure.
FYI : gw bisa ke bandung juga karena bantuan pak agus loo.. dia yang bantu reservation hotel lewat orang dalem. Since this is holiday season jadi hotel'' full booked smua :D

Bandung, Tamblong Street, 3.00 PM

finally kita check in di hotel Grand Preanger. katanya ni hotel uda ada dari jaman jebot dari waktu konfrensi asia afrika uda ada wkwkwkk... (banyak turis asing juga)

then checked in -> rebah di tempat tidur -> nonton tv :D
satu hal yang perlu di ingat semasa lagi nginep, jangan meninggalkan lantai kamar APALAGI turun pake lift tanpa bawa pass key. Soalnya masuk kamar pake kartu, mo pake lift pun juga harus pake kartu kalo ngak lift nya bakal diem aja sampe ayam tumbuh gigi :B

selagi nunggu giliran mandi : foto'' angle kamar (ga banyak karena ga bawa kamera dslr)

Abis itu makan malem ke paris van java. makan di red bean.. yeah yeah yeah nothing special.. abis itu balik ke hotel dan tidur..

coming up : bandung day II
c yaa